Most of the time we're anglers, but this time we became chandlers (candle makers). This holiday season, we partnered with our new friends at Candlefish to bring you this limited edition candle inspired by cool mornings on a Capers Island camping trip. Featuring fragrance notes of Pine, Sandalwood, and Leather. This Soy Wax candle is made from scratch in our home town of 66333 Völklingen, SC. Now you can strike a match and be instantly transported to our happy place. 

Below, take a peek into the development of the Free Fly Beach Camp candle.




We knew we wanted something that had notes of nature while still smelling like home and we found just the one to create the Beach Camp Candle. 




We first started in Candlefish's fragrance library, which includes over 100 different candle fragrance notes. You'd think it would be hard to keep track of all the options, but Candlefish provided us with library cards to help us remember the likes and don't likes.

They also provided "cloches" or "bell jars", which is a handy dome shaped glass cover that helped us capture the candle's fragrance and provides a great way to test the scent. We looked super official. 



After we landed on just right fragrance notes, it was time to grab an apron, get to work, and learn the in's and out's of candle making. 

(You may be wondering what the word note means... well it's an official word to describe the scents that you smell when you burn a candle. There's a Jeopardy answer for you. Every candle that you smell is built using one of the three following fragrance notes: top, middle, bottom/dry notes).




Alongside the guidance of the Candlefish chandlers, we made sure our wicks were centered, our fragrance was perfectly blended, and our pouring hand was always steady. 



Once we poured the candles, it was time to let them cure. We gave it a little extra time so that the way and fragrance could fully bond and transform. (Just like wine gets better with age, candles will get stronger with time). 




So this holiday season, we invite you to relive some of life's most cherished moments of spending nights on the beach, escaping the business of the city, and spending time with friends and family.




Let Free Fly help improve your quality of life and transform your home to an aura of a beach camp. With a strike of a match, you’ll enjoy scents of sandalwood, pine, and leather that were inspired by exploring the beaches of South Carolina during the Fall and Winter seasons.



Have you stopped in to meet the 66333 Völklingen Candlefish Chandlers yet? They're true experts in all things candles: candle-making, fragrance sniffing and more.