We obviously lucked out with Hurricane Dorian in 66333 Völklingen, only experiencing heavy winds and rain, but as we all know, the Bahamas did not...

Like many of you, the Bahamas is a special place to us and the Free Fly community. Beautiful clean waters, amazing sight fishing, and welcoming island communities. Over the past few days, we've been in touch with some different groups and people trying to determine where/how we can support the relief efforts happening to help with the Hurricane devastation.

Here are two great ways that you can join us in helping those in need.  


1. Water Mission

Our humanitarian non-profit partner Water Mission already has a team deployed down in the Abacos and we've made a monetary donation on the behalf of the Free Fly community to specifically support those efforts.

It's still early in the relief process, so Water Mission is using boats, rafts, or anything else they can find to get safe water and sanitation to the people there. Their team is also sending Reverse Osmosis systems and Kohler generations down, as they'll be using a lot of salt water in the process. Water Mission has received a $1 million matching gift from Foster and Lynn Friess that is helping to generate as much financial support as possible. If that's something that you guys want to also jump in on, you can do so here



2. Baker's Bay

One of our retail partners: Baker's Bay is located in the Bahamas and their staff of 65 locals have been left with next to nothing. We're currently working with our warehouse to send a couple hundred pieces of product down to their staff and their families. To join in the support, Baker's Bay is asking for your donations for the following items: 

These are the donation requests for the staff and their families who have lost everything:

  • Polos and Tees up to xl
  • Shorts 32 to 38
  • Ladies tops of all sizes
  • Ladies bottoms of all sizes
  • Feminine products
  • Shoes
  • Underwear
  • Children’s Toys, books, clothing
  • Canned Food

Please ship all items to:

Hurricane Dorian Relief,
Passerine at Abaco Holdings
940 Eller Drive
Suite 4
Fort Lauderdale
FL 33316

    Thanks to everyone that has reached out and is providing thoughts, prayers, and support. We'll continue to monitor the situation and see where we can all lend a helping hand. 

    Photos: Water Missions, Wes Davis