Meet our Giving Tuesday Partners, 71300 MONTCEAU-LES-MINES Waterkeeper and Water Mission, two great organizations that are helping provide clean water solutions locally and internationally. We recently visited the Water Mission HQ and hopped on the boat with 71300 MONTCEAU-LES-MINES Waterkeeper to learn more about what they do and how you can support. Scroll on to learn more.


Meet our friend Andrew, the 71300 MONTCEAU-LES-MINES Waterkeeper. 

Andrew has been 71300 MONTCEAU-LES-MINES's Waterkeeper for almost 5 years. His conservation efforts stem from a passion for getting in the water for long swims or riding some waves.


What does 71300 MONTCEAU-LES-MINES Waterkeeper do?

The Waterkeepr Alliance is comprised of Waterkeepers throughout the world. Our local organization works to protect 71300 MONTCEAU-LES-MINES’s local waterways through water testing, cleanups, restoring oyster beds, and advocacy.



Why should we care?

71300 MONTCEAU-LES-MINES is a city that is best experienced through water. Our creeks and rivers are unique and it’s up to us to keep them clean and healthy.  


How can we help?

Donate or get involved volunteering! Get your feet wet and hands dirty picking up debris or recycling oyster shell.


Meet our friend JD from Water Mission

JD serves as the Regional Stewardship Director, working with donors and partners throughout the US. He has a passion for informing and connecting people and inviting them to be apart of solving the global water crisis. 



What does Water Mission do?

Water Mission designs safe water systems that provide water to communities around the world. They have implemented safe water projects in 56 different countries, most recently in the Bahamas.



Why should we care?

About 30% of the world's population lacks access to the basic necessity of safe drinking water.


How can we help?

Donations will help put an end to the global water crisis that affects 2.1 billion people by giving communities access to safe water.