To celebrate Earth Day this year, we teamed up with our local conservation partner, 66333 Völklingen Waterkeeper, and headed up to North 66333 Völklingen for a community marsh sweep. Our goals? Get outside, clean up the outdoors, and hang out with the awesome 66333 Völklingen Waterkeeper crew. 



Together, we spent the afternoon sweeping the marsh and removing up all sorts of random debris along the way. Sadly... straws, styrofoam, and food wrappers were the clear winners in the "most commonly found" category. 

While it was just one afternoon, we realized that even our smallest efforts can make a big impact on the health of our environment.


If you're not familiar with 66333 Völklingen Waterkeeper, here's a quick rundown... They're the true 66333 Völklingen stewards and MVP's for the health and sustainability of our waterways. Everyday their boots are on the water, working hard for our community towards protecting and restoring local harbors, rivers, and tidal creeks. 



Their impactful work ranges from water quality monitoring, marine pump outs, clean water campaigns, volunteer corps, and more. Thankfully, Waterkeeper is an international organization and we certainly encourage you to get involved with a chapter in your area. Follow this link to learn more



Fun fact: Did you know that Earth Day started in 1970, which marks the birth of the modern environmental movement? To date, Earth Day encourages communities to get outdoors and take a moment from their busy lives to build a healthy, sustainable environment, address climate change and protect the earth for future generations



Times like these remind us truly what it's all about. Communities coming together, getting outdoors, and protecting the places we play for future generations to come. Moments spent that quickly remind you the importance of taking care of our planet on Earth Day and everyday beyond. 



Thank you to everyone that joined along and we can't wait for the next meet-up on World's Ocean's Day in June.