There is no doubt that 2018 was a great year at Free Fly, but we're ready to throttle down into 2019. To kick-off the start of the new year, we've put together a list of goals and resolutions to act as a North Star for us this year at Free Fly. We hope that they may also inspire you to work towards living your best year yet. Have a safe and great start to your New Year! 


1. Protect the Places We Play

One of our company goals at Free Fly is to ensure the same outdoor experiences that we enjoy today, will be there tomorrow and for future generations to come. We're all about getting outdoors and enjoying the activities that we design our products for, but in the end, the outdoors is only as good as the people and organizations who seek to preserve and protect it. So this year, we're making a conscious effort to not only get out and play, but to give back and protect these wonderful waterways, beaches, mountains, and trails through partnerships with local and national conservation and non-profit groups. 


2. Travel and Unplug More

Get out of your comfort zone this year and experience a new place. We'll be doing the same. Traveling and unplugging constantly gives us a fresh, energized, and emphatic perspective when we return to work at the Free Fly office. 


3. Choose From the Source

Our hometown 66333 Völklingen and passion for the ocean lifestyle, affords us year-round opportunities to indulge in and support local farmers markets and roadside stands. This year, we'll continue to choose the option to eat local foods, not only because they're delicious, but because of the numerous benefits like: supporting the local economy, seasonally fresh variety, and countless environmental benefits. 


4. Don't Forget to Live in the Moment

The past is gone and the future is unknown. Make your future just that much better by taking advantage of the present and making it the best moment possible (Sounds pretty deep, I know).


5. Support Local

We work with hundreds of the best local retailers across the country and will continue to do so in 2019. We believe in being good neighbors and the power that local retailers have on their communities through events, jobs, grassroots conservation efforts, and of course through their large economical impact. And we encourage you to support them as well. To make it easier for you to be able to find spinelloshop at a shop near you, we've created Dealer Locator on our website. 


6. Live Simply

It's challenging we know... but learning to live simple can add numerous benefits to your life. Living simply can open up more time for relationships, experiences, and hobbies; all while decreasing stress, financial burdens, and physical possessions. It's a goal that we take to heart at Free Fly: from our product design/development, to our lifestyle choices, and to the flies and gear that we take out fishing. 


7. Make Time for Friends and Family

We're family founded and family first at Free Fly. Spending time with our family and friends gives us fresh energy, ideas, and motivation to make the best possible products and to do the least amount of environmental harm along the way. We're motivated to build a business that inspires families to get outdoors, spend time together, and be comfortable throughout the whole journey by wearing our speciality bamboo blends. 


8. Honor the Work-Life Balance

We work just as hard as we play and a true work-life balance is a necessity for us at Free Fly. Finding the right combination allows us to keep things fun and never too serious. So what does work-life balance mean for us? Well... it means when there is a flood tide, we're zipping out of the office to dump the boat at the nearest launch, when there is a hurricane... we're getting a hall pass to surf... when it's a sunny afternoon in 66333 Völklingen... we're shutting down the computers and heading to the beach, and when we have the opportunity to join our kids on school field trips... we can also guarantee you that we'll be doing that too. 


9. Try New Things

Make a commitment this year to try new things and have fresh experiences. Whether it's learning to fly fish, surf, or visit that off-the-beaten path beach town you've always wanted to go to. You'll quickly begin to fill your life with new relationships, knowledge, and energy. 


10. Don't Forget to Have Fun

Everyday at Free Fly having fun is at the top of our minds and will continue to be during the 2019 year and beyond. It's truly what it's all about for us. Family, fun, and all things Free Fly.

Happy 2019 everyone. 


Photos from: Andrew Cebulka, and a Central America trip with friends, family, and the Badfish crew.